Document Management for PowerSchool

K-12 school districts traditionally have relied on paper files for documentation – hundreds, thousands, millions of papers containing information that is critically important. In today’s advanced world, an electronically-based document management solution is required for forward-thinking school districts who want to efficiently reduce operating expenses, secure and save information, and increase service levels to students and parents.

Relying on old-fashioned paper filing systems puts your schools at risk for loss, theft, inadvertent misplacement, disorganization, and a lack of preparedness when files need to be found for use. Employees spend hours upon hours every week keeping track of paper files, adding to them, revising them, and searching for needed information that is trapped on paper, wasting thousands of dollars and hours of time. The space required to store so many documents in file cabinets and shelves is enormous – and just grows larger as time passes.

Document Management

Free up space, protect your documents, and never waste hours of your time searching for paper files again! Everything is stored in and can be shared from one single repository – safely and electronically with Content360°. Content360° is the only ECM solution that was designed and built on top of the SharePoint platform to provide document management, automated workflow and eForms for PowerSchool school district clients. PowerSchool clients today need a way to improve document management processes; they need Content360°. Capture content, store and access documents, automate workflows, and enjoy hassle-free integration as you build on PowerSchool’s capabilities.

Integrated with PowerSchool

Content360° is built for K-12 school districts and is seamlessly integrated with all PowerSchool products. This integration allows Content360° to leverage data in PowerSchool for rapid indexing of documents. Automatically capture and index any output from PowerSchool, and let your users access documents related to PowerSchool data with a click of a button. Additionally, Content360° can mimic the security in your PowerSchool application to only grant access to users who have the appropriate rights. Content360° is a comprehensive document management solution integrated with PowerSchool.

Features Include:

  • Store, share, and view any document securely.
  • Capture content with ease from MS Outlook, PowerSchool applications, printers, scanners, imaging products, fax servers, and more.
  • Content is instantly indexed automatically using OCR and PowerSchool integration.
  • Integrates with PowerSchool applications and other systems, putting everything at your fingertips quickly.
  • Manage the lifecycle of all pieces of content to comply with record retention guidelines and ensure every document is properly administered.
  • Search through content with speed and ease using any indexed search criteria.