Get Rid of Paper Student Cumulative Records Folders Webinar

Oct 01

Student cumulative records are a rare combination of huge volume, highly sensitive, and very portable data which must be stored for decades.  It is no wonder that most K-12 school districts struggle to keep up with this information.  There is a better approach than paper-based, manual processes for managing student records.

Join us on this webinar to learn how your school district can leverage PowerSchool eSchoolPLUS and Content360 to create digital cumulative records.  Documents, forms and worksheets can now be entirely digital from the time a student enrolls through graduation.  Digital folders “move” along with the student from campus to campus without ever leaving the central repository.  Folders and their contents are secured by campus ID and job function and can be backed up to avoid destruction in the event of a disaster.

The digital student folder allows your district’s employees to be more productive, requires no physical storage space, and can handle your district’s retention requirement.  To learn how your district can migrate from paper to digital student records, complete the form below to register:


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