In Search of the Perfect AP Transaction for K-12 Schools

Mar 19
Smiling elementary school teacher with crossed arms in the classroom.

K-12 school districts are constantly tasked with doing more work with fewer resources – like this is something you didn’t know… But how can your district make that happen without adding stress to your staff? One of the answers is using technology to automate repetitive processes which historically have to be performed by people to give your employees more time to focus on important tasks.

One of the best examples of this automation is in the Accounts Payable process. How efficient is your district in processing payments to vendors? How much paper is involved in that process? How much time does your staff spend searching for information in order to pay accurately and on time? Join Harvest Technology Group to review the latest technology which enables dramatic improvements in the Accounts Payable process. You learn how the most efficient K-12 school districts process accurate payments on time – automatically!

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