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Managing Content from All Applications with Content360°

Large school districts tend to store documents in many different applications, often from multiple vendors, in order to manage the many documents related to running the district. This splintered approach to content management can overcomplicate the workflow and put a serious drag on time and resources. That’s where Content360° comes in. As a premier Enterprise Content Management system, Content360° is poised to completely streamline the way school district administrators do business.


Here are a few key benefits of using Content360° for your school district document management needs:


  • Access – Content360° grants access to vital content and information at the enterprise level. What this means is that rather than having to log into one application to manage your district’s finances, and then log into another system to view human resources information, Content360° gives you a convenient single access point. With Content360°, everything from HR documents to invoices to student information and applicant tracking can be accessed from one central location.


  • Integration – Because Content360° seamlessly integrates with your existing line of business applications, you and your employees don’t have to spend valuable time and resources learning an entirely new system. Instead, all documents related to information displayed on your line of business application screens are readily accessible with a single button click. This greatly improves the speed and accuracy of information delivered to your users.


  • Storage – When you store your district’s documents in a line of business application storage (using “attach” functionality for example), you effectively create separate data “silos,” which forces your employees to manage information in multiple locations. This creates organizational headaches and means expending more time and energy sorting, accessing and managing documents, content and information. With Content360°, your content is stored in one secure, convenient central location. Documents are accessible via powerful, cross-departmental searches, making it significantly easier to locate specific documents across all levels of your district.


  • Document Sharing – With Content360°, employers and administrators can access relevant and related information and documents, even if they originated from outside their specific application or system. For instance, if a human resources professional wants to take a look at an existing employee’s original job application or resume, he or she can use Content360° to locate all the relevant information on that specific employee that might be located in the applicant tracking system, rather than having to go outside of the HR application and/or dig through paper files.


In short, Content360° allows school district administration professionals to cut down on paper waste, streamline workflows and communicate across departments with greater ease than ever before, all while saving valuable time and money which otherwise might go toward expensive training, storage and system upgrades.