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The 4 Features of SharePoint That IT Professionals Value Most – And Why You Should Use This To Your Organization’s Advantage

Few business software solutions are as ubiquitous as SharePoint – after all, as many as 22% of corporate employees use the software in some capacity – and for good reason. Why has this software solution been adopted by the business community so readily? Here’s why the IT community loves it:

  1. It’s a long-term solution.

    SharePoint is a popular, widely used, and well-established platform developed by one of the world’s largest software companies – Microsoft. As such, it’s likely to be upgraded and supported for a long time to come. It’s not at risk of obsolescence any time soon.
  2. It expands to meet business needs.

    For the purposes of implementation, maintenance, and support, IT managers prefer to rely on the minimum number of software solutions. Focusing on a few rather than many produces better outcomes and makes the management process easier. The SharePoint platform can handle everything from content management to business intelligence, eliminating the need to create a series of IT tools.
  3. An abundance of people in IT speak the SharePoint language.

    Thanks to SharePoint’s popularity and market dominance, it is easy to find IT experts and support providers with expertise in this specific technology. This is helpful to IT managers, because when there is a gap in their in-house knowledge base, it can be filled quickly and easily.
  4. It’s a foundation for other applications.

    The popularity of SharePoint benefits the entire ECM community. The more this platform grows, the more appealing it becomes for other software and tech companies to develop products for it. There are now a host of technologies built on the foundation of SharePoint that expand on its capabilities, make it easier to use, and highlight its enduring utility.

For now and long into the future, it looks as though SharePoint will be the preferred choice for IT professionals.