Accounts Receivable

accounts receivable automation

With online banking, sophisticated accounting applications, and Enterprise Content Management systems, receiving paper remittance in the mailroom has become a throw-back to the last century. Now incoming remittance information from customers is automatically routed to the correct processor, and the check deposited directly into the bank.

Your AR staff will be more productive:

  • Reduce time spent on sorting mail
  • Reduce manual information input
  • Provide web access for remote employees
  • Integrate with your billing or LOB applications
  • Allow for electronic deposit directly into your bank account

Content360° provides a centralized repository for all data, as well as the ability to monitor all activities and procedures to guarantee that AR policies are followed. Outside auditors or researchers can be given temporary access to facilitate audits and legal discoveries within a safe environment.

Benefits of Harvest Technology Group for Accounts Receivable

  • Creates an A/R matching process completely void of paper
  • Cuts A/R processing time in half
  • Eliminates manual matching of invoices to time cards each week
  • Converts A/R statements to email
  • Centralizes information originating in multiple systems

I was very impressed with the consultant Harvest sent to us. He knew what he was doing and was easy to work with.”Catherine Stuff, Chase Staffing Services

Case Study

Chase Staffing Services

Chase Staffing Services is a Top 100 U.S. Staffing Firm committed to matching the right person to the job and providing the best possible service to clients.

Chase’s original accounts receivable (AR) process was completely paper-­based, requiring the printing, matching and mailing of 1,200 invoices with 6,000 timecards each week.

Chase was looking to cut costs, speed delivery of invoices and improve employee and customer service.

“Harvest Technology Group listened to our challenges and showed us solutions that were more innovative than other vendors,” says Chief Operating Officer, Catherine Stuff. The OnBase solution even allowed for aggregating all of a client’s timecards into a single file for e-mailing, instead of sending each one as its own attachment.

95% of Invoices Now Sent Electronically

Before OnBase, Chase was printing the electronically generated invoices, manually matching them to paper time cards, making copies and sending them to clients. Invoices were scanned back into a legacy imaging system, requiring a separate login and toggling between applications. The paper then needed to be stored, requiring space in the office.

Centralizing information in OnBase, Chase now imports documents from multiple systems automatically. Files are automatically assigned one primary index value, improving accuracy and efficiency of the indexing process. And the entire process is now completely devoid of paper.

Departments grateful for Harvest’s help:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Human Recources
  • Records

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