Content360° Consulting


Harvest Technology Group is committed to helping you realize the maximum benefits of your investment in an ECM solution. Our team of certified consultants will work with you to select a software support and systems maintenance program that fits your business needs, budget and internal resources. Our Content360° solutions provide expert enterprise workflow and document management solutions to optimize your business performance.

At Harvest, we maintain a Customer Overall Satisfaction Rating of 95.7%*, and we are committed to your satisfaction.

*Based on recent customer satisfaction survey results

The Consulting Process:

Step 1|Business Process Analysis
Our Content360° Business Process Analysis is a five step procedure intended to help your organization define the content that needs to be managed and determine how best to manage it: Learn more ▼
  1. Organizational Analysis – we identify the business processes required to support specific organizational objectives.
  2. Requirements Analysis – we breakdown each business process identified in the Organizational Analysis step, and specify the detailed requirements of that process.
  3. Impact Analysis – we evaluate and assess the business process information gathered during the Requirements Analysis step.  All business processes will be prioritized based on their overall efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Detailed Needs Analysis – we perform a detailed analysis of the business processes that have the most potential for a significant positive impact on the organization’s key objectives.
  5. Analysis Review and Recommendations – we solicit input from key stakeholders in the companies to discuss the findings of the analyses in the previous steps.

Harvest Technology Group is one of the only document management firms that go to the next level to define your content management needs and determine the absolute best solution for your organization. And the results speak for themselves – we deliver 100% satisfaction.

Step 2|Implementation Process
Our Content360° Implementation Process is born out of our many years of experience implementing document management solutions in a variety of companies. We go beyond ‘best practice’ approaches and provide each of our clients with the ‘right practice’ for them. We deliver expert assistance with the design, development and integration of our Enterprise Content Management products.  There are five phases to our methodology: Learn more ▼
  1. Project Initiation – We articulate a vision for the project and define its size and time frame.  We also identify the stakeholders and establish everyone’s roles and responsibilities. As part of this first phase, we’ll identify possible risk areas and discuss any mitigation action that should be taken.  Lastly, we will set measurable objectives, identify how the project is to be monitored, and obtain agreement from all stakeholders.
  2. Project Planning – We create a detailed project plan, get approval from management and all other stakeholders.
  3. Project Execution – We start the actual performance of the tasks and activities identified during the planning phase.
  4. Project Monitoring – Harvest Project Management and the customer’s management team will monitor the progress of the project against the project plan.
  5. Project Conclusion – We evaluate the project and determine whether the goals and objectives established for the project were accomplished.
Step 3|Tech Support
Our Technical Support Team is committed to helping our clients get the most out of their Enterprise Content Management investments. Our team of certified agents work closely with our clients to ensure their Content360° solutions remain in top working order. Services available to Harvest clients who maintain an active maintenance contract include: dial-up support, online chat, case escalation to development, and speaking to a live support person to quickly troubleshoot issues.