Government run lotteries have been enormously effective at raising money for education and other worthwhile causes. But what most people don’t know is that lotteries are under tremendous pressure to increase support while reducing expenses.

One of their biggest cost areas is the generation, storage, and protection of literally tons of paper documents. Lotteries must validate and process thousands of applications and millions of prizes every year. Each transaction requires precision, visibility, and compliance with their government charter. Meeting these requirements with a paper-based document management system is stressful, inefficient, and costly.

Harvest Technology Group has the answer to this problem. We offer Enterprise Content Management as a solution that is guaranteed to help Lotteries reduce paper-based expenses while providing visibility and precise control of all documents and internal processes.

Benefits of Harvest Technology Group for Lottery

  • Vendor Applications are approved correctly, rapidly and securely to increase revenue generating opportunities
  • Vendor setup time is dramatically reduced via collaboration with gaming system providers and improved process visibility
  • Prizes are validated and winners are vetted quickly and accurately
  • Process accountability is increased

“Since the inception of the Lottery in 1993, the Georgia Lottery Corporation has transferred more than $11.4 billion to the students of Georgia. This money has allowed more than 1.2 million students to go to college in Georgia.”Georgia Lottery

Case Study

How Does Workflow Impact Your Organization

Harvest’s purpose is to ensure “Information that should be made available should be made available”. This also means it should be made available at the exact moment is it needed. Workflow tools facilitate access to the correct information at the correct time.

More than just routing documents, workflow automatically processes work so that you can focus on the job you were hired for – not chasing paper.

Timers – The system will “timestamp” the document to track how long each document has been in the workflow and how long it stops in each queue. The timestamp and data provides process auditability and performance metrics.

Notifications – Notifications are typically in the form of emails and automatically fire off when certain events in the workflow occur or if a pre-determined timer is exceeded. Notifications will prompt a user to take action and assure nothing is lost in the process.

Departments grateful for Harvest’s help:

  • Human Resources
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Records

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