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Search records with speed & specificity

Content360° is designed to eliminate one of the biggest obstacles in enterprise content management – accessing the precise information you need exactly when you need it. Most information is scattered throughout the organization and essentially hidden from view. This can be extremely inefficient and frustrating for information workers who need to access the content to do their jobs. The first hurdle they must overcome is locating the desired content without depending on interoffice email or searching through filing cabinets. The second hurdle is to create, view, or revise a particular document…on-demand and online.


It all starts with access. Content360° provides very powerful search capabilities that integrate with line of business applications. Information security is also part of the search criteria so that users can only access content for which they are authorized.

Content360° provides Targeted Search that greatly enhances the management of transactional content such as accounts payable documents or human resources information. The Targeted Search module enables users to find specific content based on metadata and content type. Additionally, the user can select numerous documents to email or print from our hit list retrieval, which is very useful to process open records requests or provide support documentation to a customer.

SharePoint Viewer

Content360°’s SharePoint Document Viewer lets users view more than 300 document types. These types can be anything from PDF documents to scanned invoices. The document viewer allows annotations, redactions, and notes to be securely added to PDF and image files, with no change to the underlying document. This capability expands a user’s ability to collaborate and improves ECM functionality within SharePoint. Users can also share documents via print or email, change to large print format, and enable thumbnail navigation for multiple page documents. Content360° is AJAX enabled for zero footprint deployments.

Application Integration

Application integration enables integrated retrieval of documents from line-of-business applications, and workflow delivers links to specific documents. To avoid lengthy searches for specific content, it is essential that content originating in LOB applications be broadly accessible. Content360° coupled with SharePoint has the ability to provide on-demand access to LOB content.

We are always looking for better ways to collect and expedite the dissemination of information. We have already made huge productivity gains and dramatically improved interdepartmental communications, but we continue to explore and discover new capabilities in OnBase that will help us improve service in the township.

Terry Biederman, director of Public Works

Case Study

Charter Township Of Waterford, Michigan

OnBase enabled Waterford to connect features in their existing ESRI system to relevant documents such as work orders, invoices, field reports and drawings. OnBase unified document access to Police Department records, improved access control to Detectives’ investigation reports, automated audit trails, and made all meeting minutes searchable.

“The next evolutionary step for government GIS systems is document storage,” says Terry Biederman, director of Public Works. “Nearly everything in public works and community government is tied to geographic locations, and the ultimate goal is for all personnel to use GIS and leverage the power of document management with the application. Our goal is for personnel to never leave the GIS environment, yet be able to retrieve spatial information, access documents and create work orders. Our OnBase application is an integral part of achieving that goal.”

Departments grateful for Harvest’s help:

  • Human Resources
  • Records
  • Compliance

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