Harvest Technology Group provides key Consulting Services to support our product offerings. When you work with Harvest, you have a partner that has 15 years of experience and knows how to help you transition from managing paper documents to enjoying the benefits of true Enterprise Content Management. Over the years, we have developed a very successful three-pronged approach that works and yields predictable results. To begin the process, one of our consultants will analyze your business and recommend the appropriate ECM solution for your organization. The second step is to implement the solution according to your unique needs and requirements. The third step is to provide technical support and maintenance for all of our ECM products. There are dozens of ECM providers in the market, but with Content360° and Microsoft SharePoint you have a proven winner capable of meeting any document management challenge. If you are ready to minimize waste, maximize efficiency, and eliminate the drudgery of routine clerical tasks, please give us a call at 678-366-0030.
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Optio e.Comintegrate and DesignStudio along with their successors, Transform and Transform Designer, allow your organization to maintain complete control over the design, personalization, and distribution of documents. Processing business documents such as invoices, purchase orders, and credit memos has a direct impact on costs, productivity, and customer satisfaction. With these Bottomline solutions, companies can design, personalize, and deliver documents in a more functional and relevant format that allows employees to work more efficiently. You’ll see a drastic improvement in your overall quality of customer, vendor, and partner communications. DesignStudio and Transform Designer are graphical tools that enable an organization to create transactional documents such as customer invoices, checks, bills of lading, and other documents. e.Comintegrate and Transform are solutions that allow administrators to define process workflows for transactional documents. Harvest is a value-added reseller and distributor for Bottomline Technologies, makers of Optio e.Comintegrate and DesignStudio and Transform and Transform Designer.


OnBase, developed by Hyland Software, Inc. is an enterprise content management application that combines document management, business process management, and records management into a single resource. It can be deployed on premises or in a hosted environment, and is designed to reduce the time and cost of processing business transactions involving documentation. OnBase can be configured to meet most requirements, which enables the rapid deployment of complex ECM solutions, and eliminates the need for expensive programming. Customers can choose from more than 200 separately licensed modules providing a variety of content input, management, and distribution options. These options provide OnBase customers with the tools needed to grow their business and react to changing document management demands on an as-needed basis.