Human Resources

Human Resources involves processing massive amounts of data over the course of an employee’s career, from recruiting, hiring, and training to development, changes, and off-boarding. K-12 schools have large volumes of staff turn-over from one school year to the next. They face the immense challenge of handling an incredible amount of paper files, from retaining storage space to purchasing labor and supplies to creating new files, updating existing papers, and maintaining organization of it all. K-12 school districts need a better approach to enterprise content management (ECM).

The Content360° Solution

Content360° is an ECM solution for school districts seamlessly integrated with PowerSchool eFinancePLUS® and BusinessPLUS®. Content360° ensures superior handling of resumes, applications, payroll inquiries, insurance forms, disciplinary actions, medical records, and more, by storing records and forms electronically. Audits are also simple: easy access to records, including HIPAA and other regulated documents, is available to authorized personnel. Collect, store, and access employee records of all types with Content360°.

Process Management

Use Content360° PDF forms to quickly enter, track, and route documents through all of your employee-based processes. Information is entered online, and forms and documents are routed to the correct personnel for evaluation and approval. The entire process is recorded for audit purposes. Process management with Content360° provides the following benefits:

Professional Development Requests

Approve PDRs quickly and accurately with Content360°. An electronic “paper trail” is retained for safe, private, and accessible file-keeping.

Employee Change Requests

Cut delivery time, investigatory time, and processing time by maintaining an organized process. Whether it’s in regards to a deduction modification, division transfer, position update, or any other change.

Employee On-Boarding

Allow new employees to only fill out information once, electronically. Make sure everything is ready for the first day by notifying departments that a new employee is starting soon. Ensure nothing is missed during the hiring process and that all documents are in place before the employee begins.

Employee Off-Boarding

Make sure access to sensitive information is restricted when an employee leaves your district. Keep files safe and secure, long after an employee has off-boarded.

Benefits Documentation

Capture all benefits selections using PDF forms, and cut documentation time drastically. Reduce the cost of filing papers, printing, and mailing; employees are able to access materials and files electronically using a safe, private, and up-to-date system.

Supplemental Pay

Manage payment in a timely fashion: generating paperwork, tracking and approving the extra job or assignment, determining which funding source should be applied, reporting to payroll, storing documentation for audits, and more.

Employee Contracts

Automate the generation of contracts, along with delivery and tracking approval. Maintain accurate records of contracts going into effect, changes in contracts, and contract expiry in a secure, automated system.