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A flexible K-12 education solution to boost efficiency, streamline management, and enhance performance at every level of your school system.

As budgets get tighter, the pressure on your staff and resources increases considerably. Harvest Technology Group's solutions help relieve the pressure by cutting down on time-consuming paper document processes, while saving your school district money by eliminating costly document storage and printing requirements.

Paper documents are difficult to manage, maintain, update, and retrieve when needed. This has led school districts everywhere to look for a better approach to K-12 document management. That's where Content360° comes in. Content360° is the only document management solution built with the needs of K-12 school districts in mind.

Content360° gives schools the ability to capture and store records in a central location where they can be accessed via computer and shared throughout the school district with a few simple clicks.

So what can Harvest Solutions do for your school district?

  • Content360° streamlines student admission and reporting.
  • Removes paper from the school district.
  • Greatly improves visibility into manual finance, student, and human resource processes.
  • Integrate with K-12 school software applications for access to documents and records with the touch of a button.

Harvest simplifies how schools engage with student information systems, respond to state and federal requirements, and support finance and human resources document needs.

See the many ways Harvest Technology Group can help streamline your district:


Getting bills paid accurately and on time is a tedious, resource-draining, weekly process for Finance Department personnel. Human error is a risk, and delayed payments, oversights, and redundancy happen, creating even larger issues not just for the payee, but also for the payer.

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Generating and processing accurate payroll is a time-consuming, resource-draining, weekly process for school district payroll departments. Human error is a risk, and delayed pay-outs, oversights, and redundancy happen, creating even larger issues not just for the payee, but also for the payer.

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Human Resources

Human Resources involves processing massive amounts of data over the course of an employee’s career, from recruiting, hiring, and training to development, changes, and off-boarding. K-12 schools have large volumes of staff turn-over from one school year to the next.

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Student Records

Student records of all types, including report cards, academic transcripts, attendance, and financial aid documents, must be managed accurately, securely, and privately. Traditionally, students, education administrators, and management teams have relied heavily on paper records,

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More Than a Document Management Solution

Harvest Technology Group also helps to store Individualized Education Programs (IEP), manage vendor relationships, and support collaboration on group projects. Content360°, which is built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform, helps teachers manage classroom assignments, and even enables teachers to have their own Intranet sites with safe access for children.

A Proven Record

"We are very proud of our track record helping thousands of teachers and administrators manage student information by reducing their dependence on paper forms, records, and documents." -Harvest CEO John Riordan

For more than 15 years, Harvest Technology Group has been dedicated to improving the way K-12 school districts process and access information. Through that time, we have amassed tremendous insight into the needs of public and private school systems. From improving our children's performance to modernizing administrative processes, Harvest's mission is to help your district run smoothly.

Thank you for the marvelous job your company did on our custom transcript form. It has
thoroughly impressed everyone. There are even seven other [school districts] that want to know
where [we] had it done. I'm happy to recommend you to them!
Kingsville Independent School District

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