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Flexible workflows that match your business

Transactional Content Management is all about matching a specific document with a specific user at the moment that document is needed to advance or complete a process (e.g. AP processing an invoice). When document management was paper-centric, transactional document management required the user and the paper document to be in proximity to one another. For example, offices used to be designed so that essential documents were within arm’s reach of the user. This slow system worked well for a time until technology destroyed that paradigm.


Out-of-the-box workflow in SharePoint typically routes from person to person with minimal processing options or approvals. While this works for simple processes or small departments, production level workflows that mirror real-life are often much too complex for native SharePoint to handle.

To address this gap, Content360° significantly expands the flexibility and power of SharePoint workflow. Content360° can automatically read data elements within a PDF such as invoice numbers, student ID numbers, purchase orders codes, or invoice amounts. Once these elements are read the document can be classified and routed to a specific person or department along with the scheduled prompts to ensure that specific actions will be performed on time with the correct document. This workflow can be initiated automatically.

Content360° allows users to access their open items list, their next steps, and all supporting documents in a single workflow window. Web parts show in-line task completion status, which means users spend more time on their work and less time sorting through different systems to find information or determine where they are in the process.

Content360° is built on top of SharePoint and allows easy configuration for quick deployment with a familiar user interface.

By aligning critical content with core processes, companies can track, expedite, and interlink information streams throughout the enterprise. Content360° provides:

  • Solutions for managing enterprise or departmental processes
  • Point-and-click configuration for rapid deployment
  • Usable, efficient rules processor
  • Point and click line-of-business integration
  • Load balancing
  • Simultaneous notification
  • Automatic criteria calculation
  • Reporting tools
  • VB and API integration paths

Thank you for the marvelous job your company did on our custom transcript form. It has thoroughly impressed everyone. There are even seven other [school districts] that want to know where [we] had it done. I’m happy to recommend you to them!

Kingsville Independent School District

Case Study

Workflow Tools Facilitate Access To Information

Harvest’s purpose is to ensure “Information that should be made available should be made available”. This also means it should be made available at the exact moment is it needed. Workflow tools facilitate access to the correct information at the correct time.

More than just routing documents, workflow automatically processes work so that you can focus on the job you were hired for – not chasing paper.

“Since the inception of the Lottery in 1993, the Georgia Lottery Corporation has transferred more than $11.4 billion to the students of Georgia. This money has allowed more than 1.2 million students to go to college in Georgia.”

Departments grateful for Harvest’s help:

  • Human Resources
  • Records
  • Compliance

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