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Secure content storage in a file structure

Content360° can store documents securely in any location – in the cloud or on premises. It protects highly sensitive information and provides peace-of-mind in knowing that only users who are given access will gain access to those documents.

Column Based Security

Content360° enhances the security of standard Microsoft technology to protect content and ensure that documents are only accessed by those with the proper credentials. To improve upon SharePoint’s security features, Content360°:

  • Allows documents to be automatically secured at the column level instead of the document library level.
  • Allows for more automated and granular security rules to protect stored content.
  • Is fully integrated with Active Directory security.

Remote BLOB Storage

The Content360° Remote BLOB (Binary Large Object) Storage Provider module enables all content stored in Content360° to be stored in a file structure instead of in the SharePoint database. Only the metadata, security information, and pointers are stored in the SharePoint database. The advantage of this design allows for:

  • Easier data recovery in case of loss or accidental content deletion.
  • Large volume storage without requiring additional SQL licenses.
  • Best practices database management.

Our clients are glad they have moved the information off their desk and into their computers… We couldn’t be more pleased.

Catherine Stuff, Chief Operating Officer, Chase Staffing Services

Case Study

Chase Staffing Services

Chase Staffing Services is a Top 100 U.S. Staffing Firm committed to matching the right person to the job and providing the best possible service to clients.

Chase was looking to cut costs, speed delivery of invoices and improve employee and customer service so they signed up for Harvest Technology Group’s consulting services. Harvest helped get Chase all set up with OnBase to serve their Human Resources, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable needs.

In accounts payable (AP), electronic invoices are now imported into OnBase and automatically indexed with information retrieved through an integration with Chase’s finance software, Sage MAS 500. This integration allows users to open OnBase documents while working in their familiar line­ of ­business application. Using dual monitors, users have a complete view of information without searching for paper.

Departments grateful for Harvest’s help:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Human Resources
  • Accounts Receivable

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