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lmproving SharePoint for Content Management

Content360° advances SharePoint’s capabilities by adding powerful Transactional Content Management tools to its arsenal. This means you’ll have industry-leading software that adds content capture, document storage/access, automated workflows, and hassle-free integration
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Paper is just one of many sources of content. Managed content now includes email, line-of-business application output, MS Office files, audio files, e-forms, video files, and other types of digital content. The ability to efficiently capture this information is critical when it comes to building an efficient Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. Digital content needs to remain digital! Content360°‘s enterprise level content management solution can capture content from various sources via:
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Content360° is engineered to quickly, easily, and in some cases automatically organize documents into classes or categories according to pre-defined characteristics. There are three keys to our efficiency.
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Content360° is designed to eliminate one of the biggest obstacles in enterprise content management – accessing the precise information you need exactly when you need it. Most information is scattered throughout the organization and essentially hidden from view. This can be extremely inefficient and frustrating for information workers who need to access the content to do their jobs. The first hurdle they must overcome is locating the desired content without depending on interoffice email or searching through filing cabinets. The second hurdle is to create, view, or revise a particular document…on-demand and online.
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Transactional Content Management is all about matching a specific document with a specific user at the moment that document is needed to advance or complete a process (e.g. AP processing an invoice). When document management was paper-centric, transactional document management required the user and the paper document to be in proximity to one another. For example, offices used to be designed so that essential documents were within arm’s reach of the user. This slow system worked well for a time until technology destroyed that paradigm.
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Content360° allows digital content to remain digital so that it can be more efficiently integrated between different line of business (LOB) applications such as ERP, CRM, SIS, HIS. Content360° cost-effectively leverages data located in other LOB applications to.
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Securely store, share, or view any document. Content360° is reinventing the user experience for Transactional Content Management. The Content360° External BLOB (Binary Large Object) Storage Provider module enables all content in Content360° to be stored in a file structure instead of in the SharePoint database. Additionally, users with the proper credentials in Active Directory can share content via print or email.
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Beyond Content360°‘s ability to manage documents and content, is the ability to manage the lifecycle of all documents. This is a ‘cradle-to-grave’ approach that puts the ability to determine when a document should be created and when a document should be destroyed in the hands of the authorized user.
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Content360° is the only ECM solution that was designed and built on top of the SharePoint platform to provide transactional content (documents, records, forms, videos, etc.) management, automated workflow and eForms. This makes Content360° a superior choice when looking at ways to improve your document management processes while leveraging your existing investment in SharePoint. Learn more about Content360 as a comprehensive PDF forms solution. Content360° offers one of the lowest total cost of ownership solutions on the market, because it is built on top of the Microsoft SharePoint platform. This means that any organization using Content360° only has to maintain one system – SharePoint – rather than two different systems – SharePoint and a legacy ECM system. Storing everything in SharePoint also allows organizations to keep managed content in a single location rather than in separately managed information silos which further reduces costs.

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Case Study #1

Chase Staffing Services sought to improve customer service by eliminating its paper timecard and invoice process, replacing it with a paperless solution that would accommodate the company’s 50 branch locations. Harvest Technology Group provided Chase with a paperless solution of electronic invoices and automated processes.
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Case Study #2

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology had paper documents that were consistently difficult to manage,­ storage in an antiquated facility, and documents that were difficult to retrieve when needed. Harvest Technology Group provided Eastern with comprehensive document management solutions.
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