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Automate the lifecycle of your documents

Beyond Content360°’s ability to manage documents and content, is the ability to manage the lifecycle of all documents. This is a ‘cradle-to-grave’ approach that puts the ability to determine when a document should be created and when a document should be destroyed in the hands of the authorized user.

Of course, with hundreds or thousands of documents to manage, it is impossible to control the lifecycle of each document with just a manual process. Content360° enables a workflow to be created specific to any given document that will alert the user when it is time to destroy a document. If that user has the authority to delete a document, then the deletion can be done immediately upon notification. If that user does not have sufficient privileges, then he or she will forward the task down the workflow so it can be handled and the final processing completed.

Record retention compliance is a very serious part of the overall document management process. Documents that are at the end of their lives should be destroyed.

We had a sound concept for records management, but with all of the documents in paper form, the records management policy was much harder to practice.

Terri Giambrone, EASTERN’s Business Manager

Case Study

Eastern Center for the Arts and Technology

Leader in Technical Training Improves Document Access, Reduces Risk with ECM

Eastern Center struggled to source documents from eighteen file cabinets and a cramped storage room until Harvest Technology Group set the school up with OnBase and PowerSchool Solutions. Harvest Technology Group helped this leading technical training school make documents instantly available to authorized users.

Upon request of an auditor, student, vendor or board member, documents can be instantly retrieved and viewed, printed or emailed, even while on the phone during the initial conversation.

All documents have an audit trail that includes a history of all actions that have been taken. Because EASTERN has its records management policies and business rules mapped out, the electronic documents follow established rules and can never be lost.

Departments grateful for Harvest’s help:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Human Resources
  • Records

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