Bottomline Technologies’ Transform Designer

Design Professional Documents that Integrate with Your Processes

A professional organization’s documentation should have branding consistency complimentary to the business workflow. Whether they’re purchase orders, invoices, pick-lists, reports or checks they are brand ambassadors for the organization, and they need to contain information that fits perfectly into the business’ processes. Bottomline Technologies’ Transform Designer and Transform Server are two programs that work in Continue reading

Electronic teacher contracts

Just Sign And Go: Electronic Solutions For Salary Letters And Teacher Contracts

The National Center for Educational Statistics reports that it costs more than $500 billion annually to finance the 98,817 public schools in the United States.[1] To put this in perspective, consider that Walmart has 11,000 retail outlets with total sales of $476 billion. From a staffing comparison, there are over three million public school teachers Continue reading

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint: Weighing in on the Advantages and Gaps

If you value the advantages that an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution affords an organization, and are interested in purchasing or expanding Microsoft SharePoint to fill that need, you should become familiar with SharePoint’s ECM strategy merits and limitations. SharePoint can provide a solid foundation for your ECM solution, but it requires additional functionality to Continue reading

Cloud ECM

ECM On-Premises or In the Cloud? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Whether an enterprise content management (ECM) solution is deployed on-premises or in the cloud, ECM system users expect comparable functionality, power, and performance from either computing environment. To be relevant in today’s market, ECM solution vendors and their products must have the flexibility to operate in either space. Which environment is right for you? Often Continue reading