onboarding new K-12 school employees

How Document Management Can Improve Your District’s Employee Onboarding Process

Easing the Transition

With all the documentation involved, and all the various departments that make up a school district’s organizational structure, implementing document management is perhaps more valuable in the k-12 sector than anywhere else. If you think faster, more efficient data management and document routing could help your school district run more smoothly, investing inK-12 document management softwaremight be the right choice for you. Traditionally, the employee onboarding process for new hires involves tons of paperwork. There are government forms, benefits packets, insurance forms, emergency notification forms, information packets, and on and on. And after your new hire completes the tedious and time-consuming process of filling out all these forms, your HR department has to go through the equally tedious and time-consuming process of filing, and distributing them to the various necessary departments throughout your school/district as well as entering the data into your ERP system. But while many companies and organizations have begun to streamline this process with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, a lot of school district HR departments are still doing things the old-fashioned way. This might be because HR departments think they are too busy (with all that paperwork) to stop and implement a whole new system. But while it might seem like a big disruption, the results are worth it. Here are 4 key benefits of streamlining your onboarding process with ECM:

Instead of having your new hire spend an entire day filling out paperwork and reviewing packets, manuals and documents, a document management system can allow you to skip this time-wasting step by giving them the ability to do all of this electronically, before they come in. This means that once they are hired they are ready to hit the ground running right away.  Electronic forms can also streamline the completion process by integrating with your applicant tracking or ERP system which will greatly reduce the amount of data re-entry required.


Enhancing Interdepartmental Communication

With all the different departments involved in making a new hire at a K-12 school, the onboarding process can be a bit complicated when it comes to getting the proper information properly distributed between departments. This can lead to mistakes, interdepartmental tension, and unnecessary stress for your new employee. Document management can help eliminate this confusion with automation. With an ECM solution, after your new hire electronically fills out and signs all the necessary forms and documents, they will automatically be sent to the proper departments, so your HR team doesn’t have to file and disperse them manually.


Reducing Errors

Even a minor error, such as a misspelled name, or incorrectly copied addresscan end up significantly hampering your onboarding process, and creating headaches for your HR department and your new hire. And it can also endanger the entire onboarding process altogether. For example, a mistake in last name can hamper background checks and other necessary new hire requisites, which can significantly delay the start date for a new teacher causing scheduling conflicts and dissatisfied employees. A document management system can help you avoid this by automatically double-checking all employee data with the information they provide during the hiring process.


Eliminating Clutter and Waste

The school district’s human resources department distributes, collects and maintains a lot of paper documents. This adds up quickly, creating huge amounts of needless paper waste and cluttering the office space with overstuffed filing cabinets, which can be a nightmare to sift through when searching for specific information on a new employee. Implementing a new document management system is an easy way to eliminate the pesky paper buildup that can slow down your HR department.