Generating and processing accurate payroll is a time-consuming, resource-draining, weekly process for school district payroll departments. Human error is a risk, and delayed pay-outs, oversights, and redundancy happen, creating even larger issues not just for the payee, but also for the payer. School districts today simply cannot afford time-consuming errors. The amount of paperwork involved in and kept on file for payroll is astounding – it often consumes a huge amount of desk space, cabinet space, and shelf space, and files are difficult to keep organized in a manner that is easily, but securely accessible. Documents kept on paper are at risk of theft, misplacement, and loss.

The Solution: Content360°

Gain complete control of your payroll process with our document management (ECM) solution for K-12 schools, Content360°. Content360° and PowerSchool eFinancePLUS® or BusinessPLUS® enable payroll automation, allowing users to gain control of processes and free up additional resources and budget for more important tasks. An integrated ECM payroll solution can automate the manual processes, avoiding delayed pay-outs, redundancy, oversights, and human error. Improve the following processes:

Pay Run Report

Search through pay run reports via the employee ID, not just by the pay run date. This allows quick access to information around specific payroll information. Easily retrieve pay run reports and electronic finance records for audits, inquiries, budget planning, and more.

Digital Payroll Documents

All payroll documents are stored securely for only payroll personnel and the employee to view them. Reprinting information can be accomplished very quickly and easily without involving the Payroll Department.

Payroll Checks

Securely store payroll checks online for employee access. Set up user access based upon your employees’ requirements. Ensure your employees are taken care of, so you can focus on other responsibilities within your district.

Payroll Records Mangement

Cut delivery time, investigatory time, and processing time by maintaining an organized process for employee change requests, whether it’s in regards to a deduction modification, division transfer, position update, location change, or any other change.

Tax Records

Managing paper tax records, such as 1099 and W2 forms, is extremely time-consuming and often requires excessive personnel resources. Content360° organizes, maintains, and presents a concise view of all payroll records for quick and secure delivery in the event of an inquiry or audit.