Students Records

Student records of all types, including report cards, academic transcripts, attendance, and financial aid documents, must be managed accurately, securely, and privately. Traditionally, students, education administrators, and management teams have relied heavily on paper records, from enrollment and registration forms to grade files and transcripts. This reliance on paper is resource consuming, cumbersome, slow, and prone to human error. A better approach to enterprise content management (ECM) for K-12 school districts is needed.

Student Solutions with Content360°

Content360° is an ECM solution that is integrated with PowerSchool eSchoolPLUS®. Providing a direct connection to secure student records, correspondence, and files, Content360° streamlines the process of locating information, storing data, and maintaining accurate records for PowerSchool school districts. Student records are vital pieces of information that must be handled, processed, stored, and accessed in a specific way. Content360° provides several crucial benefits for schools and students:

Student Enrollment

Student enrollment processes can be largely paperless with parents completing necessary forms online while driver’s licenses and paper documents are scanned immediately and returned to the parent. All documents related to the enrollment process are stored digitally. Digital admissions documents are ultimately securely stored as part of the student’s record.

State Reporting

Content360° can automatically capture, sort, burst, and store state reports for rapid access by school districts. No more printing massive reports and wasting paper, which costs the average school $30,000-$50,000 per year. Improve efficiencies across all operational areas with Content360°.

Digital Student Records

Student cumulative records can be stored electronically in a central repository so they “move” as the student moves. No more lost student records or misplaced files, and no more worrying about security during folder transfer. Content360° improves administrative processes.

Transfer and Continuance

Managing transfer requests for students between campuses is simple with Content360°. The entire process is digital, with no printing and no moving paper. All necessary documents are submitted for approval together, the approval is documented and the appropriate departments are notified when the transfer is approved. Transfer requests suffer no increased chances of becoming lost or misplaced, or sent to incorrect departments or people.

Teacher Access Center

Content360° integrates with the PowerSchool Teacher Access Center to allow teachers to see appropriate documents from a student’s file right from their in-class computers with just the click of a button. No more waiting for inter-school mail or traveling from one location to another to acquire student documents.


Diplomas, transcripts, and report cards are available with immediate access to qualified persons in a private, secure, and reliable manner. Students or parents no longer will be required to travel to a school or provide correspondence via mail in order to retrieve and provide copies of these commonly requested documents.