ap invoice processing K-12

AP Invoice Processing for PowerSchool

PowerSchool is already a leading software solution for education administrators nationwide. But now, with Content360, it just got even better. Seamlessly integrated with PowerSchool, Content360 is making it even easier for schools to manage information systems, stay up to date with state and federal requirements, and manage finance and human resources documents.

One of the ways in which Content360 streamlines administrative workflow is by improving the accuracy and speed of AP Invoice processing in PowerSchool’s BusinessPLUS, and eFinancePLUS K-12 solutions. Here are a few of the key benefits of AP Invoice processing with Content360 for PowerSchool:


  • OCR for Advanced Capture – Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a leading-edge document conversion technology that allows users to capture key information from scanned documents and then automatically organize them into classes or categories according to identified characteristics (invoice dollar amount, organizational department, etc.). This radically streamlines the data entry process, minimizing paper waste and saving valuable time and energy for your Finance department.


  • Invoice Approval Process – Once invoices have been categorized according to your selected criteria, they will be quickly routed to their respective departments for approval. Each department is instantly notified that invoices have arrived and that they are ready to be coded and approved.


  • Non PO Invoice Coding – During or after the approval process, Content360’s HTML and PDF Forms solution, allows users to code non-PO based invoices even if they are not using the PowerSchool receiving module, speeding up workflow by eliminating unnecessary steps.


  • Key Invoices Prior to Payment – Content360 users can scan invoices prior to payment, and let Content360 do the legwork of monitoring the receiving status in PowerSchool to let you know when that particular invoice is ready for payment. This allows you to complete the process is an easy, paper-free way.


  • Digital Paperclip – Once the invoice process is complete, Content360 allows users to digitally bundle, or “paperclip” all the necessary related information regarding the invoice (purchase order, check, invoice, quote) into one easy location, keeping your records organized and easy to access.


At the end of the day, what Content360 does is enhance the usability PowerSchool by enhancing what you like about it and making it a brilliant solution for your administrative invoice processing workflow.